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Development and trend of building steel structure in China

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The construction steel structure industry mainly refers to domestic enterprises engaged in the production, processing and installation of steel structures and auxiliary products. With the acceleration of the pace of national industrialization and urbanization, and the extensive use of modern building technology, this industry has developed rapidly. . According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2010, there were more than 10,000 steel structure processing and production enterprises with different scales, and more than 400 enterprises with first-class steel structure qualifications. There are 39 large-scale steel structure enterprises with an annual processing capacity of over 50,000 tons. These enterprises lead the industry and gradually move toward management science, focus on quality, and absorb and digest the current international advanced technological achievements. In some technical fields, they have reached or More than the international advanced level. The newly-built Olympic Bird Nest, the new CCTV site, and the Shanghai Global Center have become the representative of this industry.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's iron and steel enterprises and steel manufacturing industry will continue to develop in a healthy and healthy manner under the support of active industrial policies. According to preliminary statistics, China's steel output in 2011 will still maintain a certain level of growth, and China will still be the main market for steel, steel structure and steel products consumption.




Because the steel structure has the characteristics of firm structure, beautiful appearance, simple construction, recyclability and relatively low cost, it will still occupy a considerable proportion in urban construction and infrastructure construction in the next five years. With the improvement of urban functions, land resources In short supply, the popularity of super high-rise residential buildings, the construction steel structure market will still maintain a large growth scale.




From the perspective of the market, the country's processing infrastructure construction investment, the use of construction steel structure will be inclined to energy, infrastructure, high-rise residential and other fields, the proportion of steel structure in highway and railway bridge construction will increase, urban subway and light rail engineering, overpass Urban public facilities such as viaducts will increasingly use steel structures.




With the popularization of green and environmentally friendly building concepts, the design specifications and supporting technologies of steel structure houses are becoming more and more mature, and the scale of steel structure construction will be improved. Since China's steel prices and labor costs are far below international standards, it is bound to integrate light steel structures. The development and promotion of residential houses will have a positive impact.