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Steel structure market analysis and development prospects

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Market analysis


China's construction steel structure started earlier, industry standards and norms became more and more perfect, industry talents (including design, installation, construction) gradually formed scale, and some high-quality companies began to undertake overseas projects. According to the “2015-2020 China Steel Structure Industry Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis Report” published by Prospective Industry Research Institute, since 2000, China's steel structure industry has entered a stage of rapid development, and steel structure production has reached 8.5 million in 2002. Tons, it has grown to 35 million tons in 2011, with an average compound annual growth rate of over 15%. In 2012, the output was about 39 million tons.




China's space steel structure is widely used, and it is widely used in steel structure applications. It is mainly used in large-scale stadiums, theaters, airports, railway stations and other urban public buildings. By 2012, the market capacity of space steel structure is about 43 billion yuan.




Steel structure has the advantages of earthquake resistance, light weight and low environmental pollution. It is in line with the direction of building energy conservation and environmental protection. In developed countries such as the United States and Japan, the steel construction area accounts for more than 40% of the total construction area. In China, this proportion Only about 5%. Therefore, the promotion of steel structure construction will greatly expand the demand market of the steel structure industry, and this market has great development space in China.






Steel structure development: should pay attention to three major areas


According to the development of the industry, Liu Jun believes that the development of three areas, such as offshore petroleum engineering equipment, steel structure housing and steel structure bridges, should attract the attention of the relevant national authorities. If it is valued and encouraged by the policy, it can fully achieve the goal of industrial doubling. .




Liu Jun pointed out that the output of offshore oil will reach 100 million tons in 2015. The goal of offshore engineering equipment enterprises is to provide a large amount of equipment for mining in the deep sea from 1,500 meters to 3,000 meters. The level and scale of the industry must be improved; Environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction and circular economy policies, its industrialized and standardized steel structure residential products have broad and unlimited market space; at present, there are less than 1% of the 590,000 highway bridges in China, and the railway system develops at a high speed. With the bridge road, 80% are prestressed reinforced concrete bridges. The steel structure bridges accounted for 41% in Japan and the United States accounted for 33%. This shows that the market demand and industrial development of China's steel structure bridges are still far from the developed countries.




China's steel structure industry has developed rapidly in the past 10 years, and has become the largest steel structure country with the largest steel structure consumption, the strongest manufacturing and construction capacity, the industry scale and the enterprise scale.




Steel structure enterprises: we must pay attention to the development of the "12th Five-Year Plan"


Liu Jun pointed out that the successful construction of major steel structure projects in various places shows that China's comprehensive technical level of steel structure has reached the international advanced level. However, China's steel structure industry still has a big gap compared with developed countries in terms of informationization, automation, standardization and scientific research and innovation. 2011 is the year of the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. Relevant national ministries, industry associations, enterprise groups and steel structure enterprises are conducting research, analyzing the market and future development trends. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology are also studying the strategic new industry identification and planning goals. For industries with international advanced level, strong independent innovation capability, strong international competitiveness, and the ability to occupy more markets, they will be included in the plan and given Support and support policies. Opportunities are also challenges. Whether China's steel structure industry can go up the scale and scale, the development during the 12th Five-Year Plan period is crucial.




Liu Jun said that after investigation and research, the China Steel Structure Association drafted the "Strategic Thoughts and Suggestions on the Steel Structure Industry in the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan" after listening to relevant experts' opinions and suggestions, inviting relevant personnel. After the opinions, the association will organize relevant experts to implement and improve them in order to promote greater development of the steel structure industry during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period.