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"Be grateful to the party, follow the party" and "Fengyuan Steel Structure Cup" eight-a-side football league kicks off

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, it was sponsored by Fusui County Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Sports, Radio, Film and Television, titled by Guangxi Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd., organized by Fusui County Football Association, Guangxi Jiayu Sports Club Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong Huang Cantonese Tea Restaurant, Yanjing Liquan Beer Fusui Qiquan Commercial Bank, Fusui County Yongfu Department Store Management Department sponsored the "Grateful to the Party, Follow the Party" and "Fengyuan Steel Structure Cup" eight-a-side football league in 2021 The game officially kicked off on the evening of June 28. A total of 16 teams participated in this competition, including 7 youth groups and 9 over-age groups over the age of 38. Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has sponsored Fusui County Football League for 6 consecutive years, providing a strong guarantee for promoting the development of Fusui sports, and truly practicing the socialist core values ​​of scientific development, dedication to society, and win-win cooperation. It is hoped that in this football league, all the athletes will continue to show their level, style, and the spirit of the people of all ethnic groups in Fusui County to strive for the best, and dedicate themselves to Fusui County to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with passion and enthusiasm gift!  

Fengyuan Steel Structure Party Branch condolences to poor households

In order to fully implement the united front of supporting Sui County to participate in winning the battle against poverty, and earnestly do a good job in poverty alleviation, on November 23, 2019, the Party branch of Guangxi Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and the county people's congress actively organized to help more than 10 responsible persons A condolence team was formed to go to Tengguang Village, Longtou Township, a village aided by the enterprise to carry out activities of condolences to poor households. During the visit, the condolence team sent rice, oil and other condolences to the poor households. They had face-to-face conversations with the poor households and had heart-to-heart exchanges to learn more about their families, health, sources of income and living expenses. The policy of alleviating poverty and benefiting farmers encourages them to build confidence, overcome difficulties, increase their income, and get rid of poverty and become rich as soon as possible. A total of 6 poor households in the village were visited in this activity.  

New canteen for employees of Guangxi Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

The new cafeteria of Fengyuan employees took half a year to renovate, and finally met everyone with a new look! The canteen facilities are all available, as well as entertainment room, library, large box, large LED display screen, performance stage, etc. It provides an excellent leisure and entertainment place for employees after work.

good news! Fengyuan Steel Structure was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

Recently, the Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, and Taxation Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region announced the list of the third batch of recognized high-tech enterprises in 2020.

good news! Warm congratulations to our company for winning the title of "Observing Contracts and Valuing Credit"

Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Market Supervision and Administration Bureau released the public list of "Guangxi Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprises in 2019". With good market reputation and high-quality design services, our company has successfully passed the final review of the market supervision department and obtained the corresponding honor certificate. "Observing the contract and valuing credit" is the foundation of the survival and development of the enterprise, the source of the invincibility of the enterprise, and the foundation of pioneering and innovation. Evaluation and full trust. This honor reflects the high recognition of the government and all sectors of society for the company's performance and law-abiding operations. At the same time, our company's legal awareness and credit awareness have been enhanced, and our market competitiveness has been improved. In the future, the company will further improve the enterprise qualification level, strengthen the operation management, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and operate in compliance with the law in the aspect of "abiding by the contract and valuing credit". On the basis of candid cooperation, mutual trust and mutual assistance, establish a stable relationship of mutual benefit and common development with customers, better play a leading role, and contribute to the healthy development of the market economy.

Fengyuan new office building started construction

Fengyuan new office building started construction
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