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Steel structure development history

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Although China had outstanding achievements in iron structure in the early days, due to the shackles of the feudal system of more than 2,000 years, science was underdeveloped, so it stayed at the level of iron buildings for a long time. It was not until the end of the 19th century that China began to adopt modern steel structures. After the founding of New China, the application of steel structure has been greatly developed, far exceeding the past in terms of quantity or quality. The floor of the light steel structure consists of a cold-formed thin-walled steel frame or composite beam, a floor OSB structural board, support, and connecting parts. The materials used were oriented strand board, cement board, and plywood. Loads of 316 to 365 kg per square meter on these lightweight floors




The number of steel structures indicates the economic strength and economic development of a country or a region. After entering the year 2000, China’s national economy has grown significantly, its national strength has increased markedly, and steel production has become a world power. In the construction, it has been proposed to “use steel actively and rationally”, thus eliminating the shackles of “restricted steel” and steel structure. Buildings are gradually increasing in economically developed areas. Especially around 2008, under the impetus of the Olympic Games, there was a boom in steel structure construction, strong market demand, and the rapid development of steel structure construction. A large number of steel structure venues, airports, stations and high-rise buildings were built, among others. Steel structure construction has world-class level in production and installation technology, such as the Olympic National Stadium and other buildings.




After the Olympic Games, steel structure has been popularized and continuously developed. Steel structures are widely used in construction, railways, bridges and residential buildings. There are tens of thousands of steel structure enterprises of various scales. The world's advanced steel structure processing equipment is basically complete, such as Multi-head multi-dimensional drilling machine, steel pipe multi-dimensional intersecting wire cutting machine, corrugated plate automatic welding machine tool, etc. And now the processing and production level of hundreds of steel structure enterprises has the world's advanced level, such as steel structure production and first-class enterprises. In recent years, steel production has reached more than 600 million tons per year, and steel products can fully meet the needs of construction. The steel structure design specification, the steel structure material standard, the steel structure engineering construction quality acceptance specification, and various professional specifications and enterprise engineering methods are basically complete.


The downstream industries of steel structures have a greater traction and driving role in the development of the steel structure industry, and their demand changes directly determine the future development of the industry.




1. The upstream industry of steel structure is the raw material supply industry such as steel.


The steel industry is the material basis for the development of the steel structure industry, and the technological advancement in the steel industry has created favorable conditions for the application of steel structures. Some large enterprises in the domestic steel industry have begun research and development of varieties and technologies for steel for building structures, and have developed high-strength steel and fire-resistant, weather-resistant, seawater-resistant, layer-resistant tearing, low-temperature resistant steel, and H-beam, high. Performance color coated steel plate, cold-formed steel, etc., laid a good application foundation for the development of steel structure industry.




2. The influence of upstream and downstream on the industry


The upstream of the steel structure is mainly the steel industry, and the price fluctuation of steel products directly affects the procurement cost of the industry. On the whole, the upstream industry is basically a competitive industry, producing steel, steel, steel and other steels for steel structures, of which H-beam and plate are the most commonly used products in steel construction. Industrial Insight Research Data In 2011, crude steel output reached 696 million tons, and the output was relatively saturated. The raw materials needed for steel structure production could be stably supplied.


The downstream industry has a large traction and driving role in the development of the steel structure industry, and their demand changes directly determine the future development of the industry. The steel structure has the advantages of high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, high degree of industrialization, short construction period, strong plasticity, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. in industrial plants, municipal infrastructure construction, culture and education sports construction, electric power, bridges and offshore oil. The engineering, aerospace and other industries have been widely used, and the market space has gradually expanded. In addition, once the residential steel structure market has made a breakthrough and gradually replaced the traditional architectural form into the residential construction sector, the steel structure industry will lead to explosive growth.