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Comparison of advantages between steel structure and concrete structure

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As a consensus, the steel structure is compared with the current general use of concrete: one is dry construction, saving water, the construction covers less land, the generated noise is small, the dust is less; the second is due to the reduction of self-weight, the foundation construction takes less soil The destruction of the precious resources of the land is small; the third is to greatly reduce the use of concrete and the use of bricks, reduce the excavation of mountains around the city, and is conducive to environmental protection; fourth, the life of the building expires, the solids produced by structural demolition There is less garbage and the recycling price of scrap resources is high. From the current point of view, steel structure is one of the structures that have the least impact on the urban environment. It has been widely used in the West, so it is called green building.




China has also developed a series of technical specifications and supporting policies and organizations for the development of steel structures:


1. In 1996, the Ministry of Construction compiled the "1996-2010 Building Technology Policy" to propose the development of anti-corrosion technology, waterproof and fireproof coating technology for steel structures to meet the development needs of construction steel;


2. In October 1998, the Ministry of Construction issued the “Notice on the Promotion and Application of 10 New Technologies in the Construction Industry”, in which the 8th new technology was promoted as steel structure technology. The main contents are: high-rise steel structure technology, space steel structure technology, steel-concrete composite structure technology, high-strength bolt connection and welding technology, steel structure protection technology;


3. In May 1999, the Ministry of Construction and the State Metallurgical Industry Bureau established the Technical Coordination Group for Construction Steel, and successively established two expert groups: “Reinforced Concrete” and “Steel Structure”;


4. In May 2000, the Construction Steel Coordination Group of the Ministry of Construction and the State Metallurgical Industry Bureau held a national seminar on building steel structure technology development in Beijing. The Ministry of Construction and the State Metallurgical Industry Bureau formed a national steel structure expert group to discuss the country. The construction of the steel structure industry "10th Five-Year Plan" and the 2010 development plan and the construction steel structure engineering technology policy. Experts proposed to classify the steel structure of the building into high-rise heavy-duty steel structure, space long-span steel structure, light steel structure, steel-mixed composite structure, and residential steel structure. The development of residential steel structure should be the focus during the 10th Five-Year Plan period. ;


5. The Ministry of Construction Jianbiao (2001) No. 131 promulgated the national industry standard for the frequency welding of thin-walled H-beams. This move will promote the further promotion and application of domestic high-frequency welding H-beam.


Under the guidance of these policies, China's steel structure has developed rapidly.


Since the 1980s, there have been more than 40 high-rise steel structures built and under construction in China, with a total area of ​​about 3.2 million square meters, a steel consumption of about 300,000 tons and a capital of about 60 billion yuan. In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Tianjin and other places, the construction climax, especially the Lujiazui financial district in Pudong, Shanghai, has 12 high-rise steel buildings built and under construction, and the completed Shanghai Jinmao Tower (88 floors, height) Up to 420.5 meters) and the construction of the World Financial Tower make China's high-rise buildings into the forefront of the world. The corresponding scientific research, design and construction of high-rise steel structures have made great progress. A large number of metal structure plants for construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power and railway systems and Shanghai, Beijing and China Construction The mechanized construction company of the system has reached a high level in the production and installation of steel structures.


In recent years, the spatial structure represented by grids and reticulated shells has continued to develop in large numbers. The structure is characterized by reasonable force, high rigidity, light weight, single rod, convenient production and installation, and can meet the requirements of large span, high space and various architectural forms. It is used not only for general civil buildings, but also for industrial plants, hangars, terminal buildings, stadiums, exhibition centers, etc. For example, the Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Plant, the Capital Airport Maintenance Warehouse, the Tianjin Gymnasium, and the Shanghai Gymnasium span 70 to 80 meters. The dry welding shed of Yangzhou No. 2 Power Plant has many grids or net shells with a span of more than 100 meters. The Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory's contiguous grid plant reaches 120,000 square meters, and the space grid structure is rich in shape changes, such as the flying butterfly net shell of Yichun Stadium, the shell-type net shell of Weihai Stadium, and the Hainan Big Buddha. This is an example of a multi-span Grid. It should be said that the grid and the reticulated shell are still the mainstream of China's current space structure construction. A number of terminal buildings, convention and exhibition centers, and stadiums have begun to use short tubes and round steel tubes to make space trusses, arches and diagonally truss structures. In addition, wavy roofing has drawn people's attention.


Warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls, mobile homes, additional buildings, building materials, furniture and other trading markets. With foreign housing factory manufacturers entering China one after another, market competition has become increasingly fierce. The thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials, fireproofing, anti-corrosion coatings, lighting components, doors and windows and connecting parts matched with the light steel structure have also been rapidly developed, the product quality is continuously improved, and the variety specifications basically meet the needs of light steel construction.


Due to its light weight, good seismic performance and high degree of industrialization, the steel structure is a green product, and residential buildings can use steel structures in large quantities. The residential steel structure that has a significant role in promoting the national economy is conducive to rapidly upgrading the degree of industrialization of housing and promoting the technological innovation and industrial restructuring of construction steel in China. In the 1980s, China began to introduce foreign light steel houses for development research. Recently, the Ministry of Construction Science and Technology and the Housing Industrialization Promotion Center organized relevant units to actively promote the research and development of residential steel structures in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong Laiwu, Hunan. Design research and engineering pilot projects were carried out in Changsha and other places.


China's development of steel structure market prospects are very broad, it is in line with the national policy of protecting the environment and land resources, China's total steel products rank first in the world, providing a material basis for the vigorous development of steel structure. The gap with the developed countries in the West will make us catch up. The application of steel structure will lead to a series of revolutions in design and construction. It is believed that through the large-scale application of steel structures in Olympic venues and large-scale engineering projects, China's steel-structured houses can be quickly driven. development of.