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"go on with your heart, make a long voyage in your dreams", welcome the Spring Gala.

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With the strong support of the company and its leaders, Guangxi Fengyuan Steel structure Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Zuojiang heavy Industry Co., Ltd. held a grand evening party in the new cafeteria of the company at 16:00 on 26 January 2019. The evening party is divided into two parts, the first part is the dinner party, the second part is the draw and performance. Regarding this evening party, our company staff up and down, eliminate all difficulties, after careful planning and careful...

arrangement, the party has been unanimously praised by all the staff, achieved better results than expected, so that we are delighted. Next, let's review the details of the party: 


First of all, the chairman of the company will give a congratulatory message for the new year





Next, Boss Zhang, Boss Wang and Boss Liu wish a toast. 





At the beginning of the New year dinner, everyone ate and drank as much as they could. 





17:30 the host announced the start of the spring gala, the opening dance "the Flower Blossom", performer: performing Arts Co., Ltd






The exciting first round of raffle! The six-year prize is 200 yuan in cash, with a total of 100 places, of which the Party branch of Fengyuan sponsored the cash for 2,000 yuan. To be drawn by the workshop monitor and party branch personnel 





The song "the Chinese" was sung by Li Jianpeng, a staff member of the Integrated Office.





The second round of draw: the fifth prize induction cooker, a total of 30 places





Dance performance "Modern Girls", performer: acting Company





Third round draw: 20 bedclothes for the fourth prize





Employees' families sing "New Princess drunken" 






The Piano performance by employees' Family members "Little White Boat"





Fourth round draw: third prize oppo mobile phone 10 places.





Employee's family street dance performance《Blue power





Belly Dance performance by Performing Arts Company "Loulan in Dreams"





Fifth round draw: second prize washing machine 5 places, by Liu general draw.






Latin Dance performance by employees' Family members < Cha-cha > 





The sixth round draw: first prize Huawei mobile phone 2 places, by Wang Boss draw.





Classical Dance performance by Performing Company "Dunhuang Flying Sky"







The seventh round of raffle:1 open-end of the 49-inch TV set, drawn by the chairman.  





In addition to the above fixed awards, the chairman, in general, Wang General, Liu General temporary increase award, on-site cash contribution of $350 million as a cash award,100% of the employee's reward rate 





Boss Zhang, Boss Wang and Boss Liu sang "Friends" 






Singing "China Heart" by General Manager Yu






Zhang, Wang's Chorus






Marketing chorus, "have you all your Life." 



    The evening party came to an end in another round of passionate singing. The happy time was always so short, and the days of reunion were particularly touching. Let us remember: Guangxi Fengyuan Steel structure, Zuo Jiang heavy Industry's achievements today. Let us look forward to: Guangxi Fengyuan Steel structure, Zuojiang heavy Industry tomorrow more brilliant.