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  • 广西丰源钢结构有限公司
  • 广西丰源钢结构有限公司

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Construction of new Fengyuan office building

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    Guangxi Fengyuan Steel structure Co., Ltd. New office building began construction on August 25,2020. Office building a total of four-story, building area of about 3600 square meters. Through the concave and convex relationship between the body and the material, the three-section composition of the facade creates the different functional relations inside and outside the building, provides private space and shared space, and emphasizes the three-dimensional sense of the building. The two-story main entrance lobby shows the atmospheric image of the main entrance. The shrinkage of the building block forms the outdoor leisure space of different scales, and the shared balcony at the east and west ends of the second and third floors reduces the sun, plays the effect of shading and reduces the energy consumption of the building. The four-story leisure platform with broad vision provides users with different visual enjoyment and makes work a kind of leisure.