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Good news! Fengyuan Steel Structure was recognized as a state-level high-tech enterprise

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Recently, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, Taxation Bureau announced the third batch of 2020 through the identification of high-tech enterprises list. Among them, Guangxi Fengyuan Steel structure Co., Ltd. made a strong list, with its excellent scientific and technological R & D ability through strict examination and evaluation, won the recognition of high-tech enterprises.

The recognition of high-tech enterprises is the affirmation and support of the state to enterprises with outstanding achievements in the field of high-tech. It needs to be screened by enterprise declaration, local first instance, provincial review and public announcement. Fengyuan steel structure can stand out from many enterprises and win the honor of "high-tech enterprise ". It also demonstrates the strength of the enterprise and conveys to the outside world the recognition of Fengyuan steel structure's contribution to promoting the growth of digital economy, promoting entrepreneurial innovation and enabling small and medium-sized enterprises industry development.

In recent years, Fengyuan steel structure has continuously increased R & D investment, strengthened the transformation of technical achievements, and improved its independent innovation ability. It has obtained 7 items of intellectual property rights. At present, the company has more than 300 employees and more than 30 technicians. Provide technical support for many business.

Enterprises recognized by state-level high-tech enterprises will usher in new opportunities for innovation and development, and make scientific research and production and management of enterprises to a new level. After winning the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise ", Fengyuan Steel structure will continue to increase investment in product research and development and technological innovation, rely on high-tech and scientific and standardized management to improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks. Further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to provide customers with better products and solutions.