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The Party branch has asked the poor households' activities.

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in ord to fully implement that anti-poverty and anti-poverty action of the united front in the county and the county, and to do a good job in the fight against poverty, on November 23,2019, The party branch of the Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and the county people's congress of Guangxi Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd..

During the visit, the condolences group sent rice, oil and other condolences to the poor households. They talked face to face with the poor households, exchanged heart-to-heart exchanges, carefully understood their families, health, financial sources, and living expenses, and at the same time publicized the party's policies on poverty alleviation and farmers, encouraged them to build confidence, overcome difficulties, increase income, and get rid of poverty and become rich at an early date. A total of 6 poor households in the village were visited.