Fengyuan Steel Structure

Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum Co., Ltd. 900,000 tons of hydropower aluminum integration construction project - electrolysis workshop; 1# residual pole; 2# residual pole; anode assembly workshop, etc.
Steel consumption(T):3000T
Floor space:43000㎡
Project Location: Yunnan Province
Structure type:light steel building
Product description

The project is an important part of Yunnan Province to create a "green energy brand". The project design scale is an annual output of 900,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum. It adopts advanced SY500 electrolytic cell technology. The estimated investment is 6.75 billion yuan. The plant covers an area of ​​about 1,380 acres. The amount of steel used is 3000T. This is a dynamic compaction project undertaken by our company.
Building scale: 43000㎡

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Fengyuan Steel Structure
Fengyuan Steel Structure

Address:Konggang Avenue, Fuzhou Economic Zone, Nanning, China-ASEAN

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