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Sympathy activities of Fengyuan Party Branch Home for the elderly .

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In order to carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation to respect the old and the old, and to transmit the spirit of the "Dedication, love, mutual help, progress", the party branch of the Fengyuan Steel-buying company actively organized the old and old-old volunteer service activities in the nursing home. On the morning of March 6, the party branch of the company went to the nursing home to convey the condolences to the old people, and sent the old people to live the love and blessing, to practice the spirit of the volunteer service with practical action, to send our love to the old man, and the real thing to do for the old people. On the spot, the representatives of the Party members are of the view that caring for the elderly is the duty and obligation of each of us, and let the old and the old become one of our habits and offer their love and filial piety, which is a concrete manifestation of the old man's old age, the promotion of the more harmonious and stable family and the society, It is also the good spirit of our Fengyuan steel construction staff to show the society with practical action.